After the War

Nod was once again driven underground due to GDI attacks, and the surviving upper echelons of Nod leadership kept a low profile; to all outward appearances, the Brotherhood ceased to exist as a military force. Kane himself admitted Nod is a "shadow of what it was", but added "that is how it should be, for only the chosen few will be allowed into the Promised Land." While GDI have managed to drive Nod "off the face of the planet", Nod survived underground and their activities hidden from the view of GDI. Kane's Tower, the surviving Scrin Threshold in the southern Italian Red Zone, probably became the hub of Nod activity, while Nod study the knowledge the Scrin have brought with them (GDI believed the Tower to be inert). Kane adopted Scrin style of clothing - his Nod robes are now dyed purple-black and marked with Scrin writing.

In 2052 the 
Marked of Kane - a secret army of cyborgs previously dormant in Russia and South East Asia - were awakened. Led by LEGION and reinforced by the 2nd Armoured Regiment of the Black Hand and a force of core Nod soldiers, the Cyborgs were able to take the now-unstable Tacitus from a GDI base in the Rocky Mountains. Just before the Tacitus exploded, Kane put the Tacitus into LEGION, transporting the AI to the Ichor Hub.